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Knight Protects Coverage of Pre-Existing Conditions

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Last week, Congressman Steve Knight introduced legislation to protect healthcare coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions. H.R. 6898, the Maintaining Protections for Patients with Pre-Existing Conditions Act of 2018, is a response to cases in federal courts that threaten to repeal the entire Affordable Care Act — including its coverage of pre-existing conditions.

More specifically, the legislation amends the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by adding provisions from the ACA in order that they remain law even if the ACA is struck down.

The law will ensure nobody receives limited coverage or is denied outright because of their medical history. The bill also stops risk-rating — whereby healthcare providers assess a patient’s medical history and inflate their costs if a patient is more likely to need care.

Knight introduced the bill with support from several of his colleagues, including ten cosponsors. Supporters of the legislation, such as Rep.Mimi Walters, have demonstrated that their principled opposition to elements of the ACA does not preclude their support of its important measures.

“Nobody deserves to be denied coverage because of a condition they may have been born with, or which they may have contracted unexpectedly,—so this bill makes sure that people are taken care of whether the ACA is repealed or not,” Knight said.

The bill has been introduced, and may now be referred to a committee in the House of Representatives.

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