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Knight Legislation Signed Into Law

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In the past several weeks, Congressman Steve Knight has seen three of his bills signed into law. The Better Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Act, Flight R&D Act, and Friendly Airports for Mothers Act have been signed into law since late October, marking a string of legislative accomplishments for Knight.

The first of these bills to pass through Congress and get signed by the President was the BEST Act. The bill invests in programs to develop and implement large-scale renewable energy storage technologies, which would enable energy companies and consumers to use more of the energy produced by solar panels and wind turbines.

Moreover, the BEST Act is particularly important for the residents in Knight’s district. The Antelope Valley has taken long strides to develop its renewable energy infrastructure, and the technologies Knight’s bill attempts to foster will only buttress local efforts to transition towards clean and affordable energy.

Another piece of Knight legislation, the Flight R&D Act, was signed by the President earlier this month. This bill addresses concerns regarding cybersecurity as it relates to air traffic control systems and air travel more generally. It establishes a broad range of programs to protect Americans and their cargo as they travel.

The President also signed the Friendly Airports for Mothers Act, a law requiring airports to have a private room for breastfeeding mothers.

“Women should not have to worry about traveling with their newborns,” Knight said. “This bill accommodates new mothers who travel so that they are as safe and comfortable as possible.”

Along with these accomplishments, Knight was also able to receive funding for his program to prevent sexual assault in the military. The program, as outlined by Knight in H.R. 5707, directs the Department of Defense to treat patients who suffer from PTS as a result of military sexual trauma. The program has received funding and the DOD will now begin the work of helping these servicemembers.

Since he was elected to Congress in 2014, Knight has authored and helped pass more legislation than most similarly situated Congressmen. Additionally, a majority of his legislation has received bipartisan support. Like the BEST Act, much of his work is focused on issues specifically facing his district. Be it renewable energy, small business, or veterans healthcare, Knight has shown time and again that he is working on the problems within his community and getting results to prove it.


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