About The Central Committee

The Republican Party of the 38th Assembly district is a volunteer organization. We are a part of the California Republican Party and the official Republican Party Organization in Los Angeles County (RPLAC). Los Angeles County is comprised of 24 Assembly Districts each of which has an Assembly District Central Committee that is elected by Republican Voters every 2 years during the Presidential Primary Election. These are important party positions because those elected Central Committee members are charged with organizing voter registration, voter information, candidate recruiting and getting out the Republican vote in their respective assembly districts. We encourage all interested and active Republicans to run for Central Committee.

The mission of the Republican Party of the 38th Assembly District is TO WIN ELECTIONS.

We fulfill this mission by achieving its goals:

  • To support local volunteer Republican clubs
  • To increase Republican voter registration
  • To identify and support appealing Republican candidates for office
  • To increase Republican voter turnout at the polls

Board Members

  • Joe Messina, Chairman
  • Mark Hershey, Vice Chairman
  • Carlo Basail, Treasurer
  • John Dortch, Secretary
  • D.J. Hamburger, Member
  • Barbara Bobbie Walker, Member
  • Patty Kelly, Member

Ex-Officio Members


State Assemblyman

Dante Acosta


Congressman Steve KNight

US Congressman

Steve Knight

Alternate: Katie Varner

Congressman Steve KNight

State Senator

Scott Wilk

Alternate: JASON GIBBS

There are many clubs that are in the 38th Central Committee. Check them out and get involved. You can call 661-310-0920 or email us at [email protected]